5 Good Reasons to Own 2 Pairs of Glasses

5 Reasons to own 2 pairs of glasses

There are many things in life that we find justification to have two of, like sets of car keys, just in case one gets lost or stolen. Yet we are not so hot when it comes to our eyesight. Well, it’s a big expense, unless you buy your glasses online. To help you justify it, here are some very good reasons why you should own two pairs of glasses:

Reading Glasses and Sunglasses

We have already talked about why you should wear sunglasses in the winter, and point out just how damaging the sun’s rays can be to your eyes. Let us not forget that it is important to protect your eyes on cloudy, overcast days too and not just in full, bright sunshine. So, sunglasses should be worn outside in most weathers, which means that for your health you need two pairs of glasses. Well, it’s just not right to wear your sunnies inside is it?

In the Name of Fashion

Many of us change our look to be on-trend and stylish for the season, paying particular attention to our fashion accessories such as shoes and handbags for each outfit. We should include our glasses in this too. Designer glasses come in a range of styles, colours and shapes to suit any outfit or fashion statement. Owning two pairs of glasses gives you the versatility to update your look from work to weekend, for example. With many cheap glasses available online how can you resist to have more than one pair?

Accidents Happen

Accidents happen with glasses, they also have a tendency to get lost, or even just forgotten. Whilst you may have your glasses insured, and so they will be replaced, you will still have to wait for them. What will you do in the meantime, how will you work without being able to see? Having a backup pair that’s made up to your current prescription would mean that you can carry on, business as usual. Keep your spare pair in a place, where you rely on your glasses the most in case you lose or forget your primary pair. I keep a spare pair in my desk at work, but it might be that you need to keep yours in the car for driving. The availability of cheap glasses online makes it affordable to keep a backup pair of specs too.

Near or Far

As we hit middle age our eyesight starts to deteriorate and it can be difficult to see things clearly at varying distances. For those of us that are far sighted we might suddenly find ourselves holding our books and newspapers are arms length to be able to see the text clearly. For others, it is continuing to see well at a distance that becomes troublesome. Bifocals could be a solution to this problem, but it is far more practical to own two pairs of single vision glasses to give you back your full range of sight. A pair for driving, for example, with a second pair for reading is the safest option.

Sporting  Essentials

It is important to protect the eyes of those of you that play sports either inside or outdoors. For those outdoors it is important to use a pair of prescription, protective sunglasses. Sports glasses are made with special lenses that are shatter, scratch and UV resistant for the utmost in eye protection. For those that play sports indoors the protection lenses are vitally important for safety and they can be designed to help with light reflection too. Of course, if you have a pair of protective glasses for sport, you will need your regular prescription glasses too. A very good reason to own two pairs of glasses.

Do you own two pairs of glasses? What do you use your second pair for? Tell us in the comments.

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