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Glassesonspec was established in 2005 with the aim of providing cheap glasses and cheap prescription sunglasses. Although we have always provided some of the cheapest glasses in the UK, our outstanding customer service reputation goes before us, marrying cheap glasses with friendly, helpful and technically trained staff.

From our on-site laboratory in Hertfordshire we cut and prepare all glasses to order. If you have a prescription made out within the last two years by your registered optician, we can provide you with cheap prescription glasses online up to 70% cheaper than high street opticians.

Our prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses can also be ordered without a prescription.

Our hand picked selection of different types of frames start from just £13.50. Alternatively you can keep your existing frame using our reglaze service.

6 thoughts on “About Glassesonspec

  1. Laura Gawthorpe says:

    I have bought my husband a pair of ray bands for his birthday (9/4/16), and would like them converting into prescription sunglasses. I have his prescription, which is a relatively low prescription.

    Could you tell me if I sent you the glasses through the post, whether you could change the lenses to suit his prescription?

    If so, how much would this service cost?

    Many thanks,


    • glassesonspec says:

      Hi Laura


      The price would vary slightly depending on what tint you would like.

      You would be looking at around the £30 mark.

      Kind regards


  2. Tracey Robinson says:

    I received my sunglasses just now and thrilled would be an understatement i am made up with them thank you very much

    • glassesonspec says:

      Hi Frank,

      I have a son that is a surgeon but he is orthopaedic and works in Plymouth.

      There is an Andrew Luff that is an ophthalmologist that I met years ago but we are not close relatives.


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