Harry Potter, one of the most prolific movie characters of the last 20 years, and more widely known by his trademark round glasses! Behind every film character is a team who provide all of the supporting props and wardrobe to bring a character alive. Enter humble dispensing optician Will Luff, our director here at Glassesonspec!

In an eco-friendly world where the demands on the planets dwindling resources are increasingly under the spotlight, it can be really satisfying to feel like you are “doing your bit” to help the environment. Many people have modified their lifestyles, choosing eco friendly cars or changing to a more ethical energy provider, in fact there […]

Buying prescription glasses online can often seem a rather daunting process, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think, and can save you a lot of money off high street optician prices. Buying glasses online is becoming increasingly more popular as you can shop around and compare prices without leaving your sofa.   Why […]

If you need help with choosing the right lenses for your frames here are descriptions of the different lens options. Bifocal Lens For those of us who are both near and short sighted, here at Glassesonspec we can offer a Bifocal lens to save you forever swapping between two or more sets of glasses! Our […]

So you’ve finally chosen the perfect frame, but what’s next? Glasses aftercare of course! You want your frames to last and we know that looking after your frames and lenses is very important which is why we recommend some simple love and attention for your frames throughout their life span…and it’ll make them last longer […]

Your Glasses Prescription Once you have had your eye examination the optometrist will give you a copy of your prescription. Our example on the right shows a typical NHS optical prescription, however your optician may have their own branded form containing the same information. The form contains the precise measurements of the type of lenses […]

We all want the ideal frame and tastes vary from the retro look of the Wayfarer to the classic rectangular shape of a feminine frame. Let us help you when you are at the stage of choosing the right coating for your glasses. Here at Glassesonspec, we not only pride ourselves in our excellent array […]

If you’ve worn specs for years, chances are you have at least 1 pair of glasses sitting in a drawer somewhere with an out of date prescription. It’s just as likely that if you fit into that category, you may have a particular favourite pair that you’d love to be able to wear again.