Breathe New Life Into Your Favourite Specs

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If you’ve worn specs for years, chances are you have at least 1 pair of glasses sitting in a drawer somewhere with an out of date prescription.

It’s just as likely that if you fit into that category, you may have a particular favourite pair that you’d love to be able to wear again.

Replacing a pair of glasses can be a costly exercise, especially if you’re a lover of designer brands. Many people don’t realise that lenses can be changed within the same frames.

The good news is it’s very affordable to revive those lovely old specs!

New Lenses For Your Favourite Frames

Our skilled lab technicians can take your existing frame and manufacture new lenses according to your new prescription, without any damage to your frame. This means an old pair of glasses are like new again!

We can reglaze lenses in plastic & metal frames, as well as rimless spectacles.

Reglazing for standard frames is only £17.00, and a rimless frame reglaze is £32.00.

If you’re not sure if your frames can be reglazed, contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

One thought on “Breathe New Life Into Your Favourite Specs

  1. Julie johnston says:

    What fantastic service. Good quality glasses and a really good price. Free delivery and it was unfortunate that there was a mistake with the prescription – but the way it was handled was first class!! Replacement pair received the very next day and refund of postage for pair I had to return. Will be recommending you to family and friends and will be sending another order for hubbie soon. Thank you so much. You really have been brilliant

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