Caring for Your Glasses

caring for your glasses

So you’ve finally chosen the perfect frame, but what’s next? Glasses aftercare of course! You want your frames to last and we know that looking after your frames and lenses is very important which is why we recommend some simple love and attention for your frames throughout their life span…and it’ll make them last longer too. Below is some advice on how to best care for your glasses.

Glasses Cases

With every pair of cheap glasses purchased, we include a sturdy case to shield your glasses from knocks and drops. Don’t just throw them down in your handbag or push them in your glove compartment, make sure you protect them with a strong case to ensure they won’t get bumped and bruised!

You must also make sure that when removing your glasses you don’t place them face down, the lenses are delicate and any scratch could ruin your perfect frames and perfect vision.

Lens Cloth

We also include a specialist cleaning cloth to polish up those lenses and to rid them of sticky finger prints. A good polish once a day will ensure a bright finish and protection all day long. Sometimes, if a deeper clean is needed we advise that you only use a dedicated lens cleaner. Never use washing up liquid, soap or any other type of cleaning solution as this will start to break down the hard coat of your lenses making them appear patchy and un-usable.

Glasses Screwdriver

Be sure to check your glasses don’t lose their strength; the more and more you use them, the loser they can become so it’s advisable to purchase a small and specialised screwdriver so you can keep your frames tight and even extend their life.

Buying glasses online doesn’t mean you need to expect less quality. Our frames and lenses are the same as all high street opticians.

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