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Benefits of Buying Your Glasses Online

Unless you need an optician to examine your eyes to provide you with a glasses prescription, the best way to shop for your new glasses is to do it online. Even before social distancing came into the equation, there were many other benefits to buying products such as glasses this way. Here are some of […]

How eco-friendly glasses are helping plant over a million trees


In an eco-friendly world where the demands on the planets dwindling resources are increasingly under the spotlight, it can be really satisfying to feel like you are “doing your bit” to help the environment. Many people have modified their lifestyles, choosing eco friendly cars or changing to a more ethical energy provider, in fact there […]

How to Choose Glasses the Right Colour for You

How to choose glasses

Gone are the days when the only glass frames that you had to choose from were black, brown, silver or gold. The choices available now, particularly here at Glasses on Spec, are endless. With the opportunity of cheap glasses online you can afford to be a little braver and perhaps go for some colour to enhance your […]

Makeup Tips for Women with Glasses

makeup tips for women with glasses

Wearing glasses can completely alter how your face looks, which is why your makeup application should be different to how you wear it without your glasses. Cheap glasses or designer glasses? It won’t matter if your makeup is on point. Follow our makeup tips for women with glasses to make sure that you always look sensational […]

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