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Harry Potter, one of the most prolific movie characters of the last 20 years, and more widely known by his trademark round glasses! Behind every film character is a team who provide all of the supporting props and wardrobe to bring a character alive. Enter humble dispensing optician Will Luff, our director here at Glassesonspec!

In an eco-friendly world where the demands on the planets dwindling resources are increasingly under the spotlight, it can be really satisfying to feel like you are “doing your bit” to help the environment. Many people have modified their lifestyles, choosing eco friendly cars or changing to a more ethical energy provider, in fact there […]

If you’ve worn specs for years, chances are you have at least 1 pair of glasses sitting in a drawer somewhere with an out of date prescription. It’s just as likely that if you fit into that category, you may have a particular favourite pair that you’d love to be able to wear again.

Gone are the days when the only glass frames that you had to choose from were black, brown, silver or gold. The choices available now, particularly here at Glasses on Spec, are endless. With the opportunity of cheap glasses online you can afford to be a little braver and perhaps go for some colour to enhance your […]

Whether you are shopping for your cheap glasses online or on the high street, the range of different styles available is overwhelming. So how do you choose the right specs for you? Selecting the perfect prescription glasses takes some extensive consideration. There is not only your eye care to consider but also your personal fashion […]

Our reglaze glasses service is ideal if  you need a broken lens replaced, have a new prescription and want to keep your current frame or have a frame you have bought elsewhere? With our reglaze glasses service you can keep your own frame and have us put in new lenses to your prescription.

Glassesonspec have got some fantastic special offers for you. Our cheapest glasses service allows you to specify male or female and we select you a frame from our discontinued or end of line stock. At £13.50 for a complete pair or glasses, we think this could probably be the cheapest glasses from the UK. Prescription sunglasses that start […]

Figures released today about driving and vision reveal that more than one in five people in the UK have not had a sight test in the last two years. The College of Optometrists took part in a BBC Breakfast TV show to offer advise to the public about the regular importance of sight tests.

Your Eyes Over 40 It is natural for eyes to deteriorate to some extent in our 40’s. One of the first things we notice is the inability to focus well on objects close by. If you do not wear glasses you may need your first pair for reading, or simply update the existing prescription if […]