670 million people, that is 10% of the world’s population are unable to afford the glasses they need.

We at are actively involved with helping the charity “Light4Life/Romania” and “Sight 2020 Direct” in supplying free glasses to some of the world’s poorest people. As well as some smaller more less known Eye Care Charities.

A number of our customers have expressed an interest in supporting our work, so we have set up ‘Sponsor a pair of glasses’ scheme.

For only £7.50 you can supply the raw material for making a pair of glasses, The technicians at will make them up at no charge.

The charities we currently work with operate in Malawi, Ghana, Moldova and Romania.

If you have an old, good condition pair of glasses, you can send them to us and we will recondition them and put lenses to the persons exact prescription.

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