How to Choose Glasses the Right Colour for You

How to choose glasses

Gone are the days when the only glass frames that you had to choose from were black, brown, silver or gold. The choices available now, particularly here at Glasses on Spec, are endless. With the opportunity of cheap glasses online you can afford to be a little braver and perhaps go for some colour to enhance your style.

Coloured glasses are a fun fashion accessory for your face that can really show off your personality. The only challenge is if you are used to wearing a more traditional style of spectacles how do you decide which colour is right for you? Here are three ways:

Establish your Skin Tone

It is important to establish whether you have a cool or warm skin tone before choosing glasses. You can do this by looking at the underside of your wrist where you dab your perfume.

Warm Tones:

  • The skin tends to have a yellow tint to it for warm tones.
  • Hair colours in the warm range include reds, auburns and honey blondes.
  • Eye colours are generally brown, amber or hazel.

Cool Tones:

  • The skin tends to have a pink tint to it for cool tones.
  • Hair colours in the cool skin tone range include light blonde, dark brown and black.
  • Eye colours are generally grey, blue or green.

Stay within your tone type when choosing glasses online and they will suit you perfectly.

Take a look in your wardrobe

Whilst you glasses do not have to match your clothes there is little point in choosing a bold fashion colour if it is a colour you never wear. This could cause you to be unsettled in what you wear on a daily basis. And, although we have the bonus of being able to get cheap glasses online the cost of a whole new wardrobe would counteract your savings.

Choosing a dark colour rather than a bright one, like burgundy or navy for example. These colours work well, as these tones of colour have the ability to blend in and almost become neutral rather than clash.

It’s not just your clothes you have to think about, but the jewellery that you wear too. If you like to wear a lot of gold choose glass frames with a warm tone. On the other hand, if you wear silver glass frames colours in the cool tone spectrum will be much better suited.

Show your personality

Your glasses are part of your style and personality just like any other item that you wear. So if you are sporty and love the outdoors opt for a sporty brand to complete your look. If you are fun loving, pick a fun colourful frame and for chic and sophisticated opt for something like a mat tortoiseshell frame.

At Glasses on Spec, we have something to suit every personality, wardrobe and skin tone. Take a look through our varied collection of frames and find something on point for you.

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