Choosing The Right Lens Coating for Your Glasses

choosing the right lens coating for your glasses

We all want the ideal frame and tastes vary from the retro look of the Wayfarer to the classic rectangular shape of a feminine frame. Let us help you when you are at the stage of choosing the right coating for your glasses. Here at Glassesonspec, we not only pride ourselves in our excellent array of varying frames but our friendly and experienced team are here to provide help and advice to ensure that you get the perfect set of specs.

Follow our simple guide to lens coatings and find the one that suits you and your requirements. If you have any questions, call our team for a chat. Reach us on 0800 028 9550 or email us at

Anti-Reflective Coatings

If you wear your glasses more often than not, it’s important to protect the lens against the daily wares and tares of everyday life and to ensure you get a good long return from them. As all our glasses are produced on sight we can offer a quality bespoke service, ensuring a guaranteed, quality-controlled end result. We highly recommended you chose our MAR Coating or Anti-Reflective finish that shields your lens from dust, dirt and water and reduces the glare of light reflecting upon your lens. It also sharpens and clears vision through your glasses and protects from smudges and scratches. A perfect choice for all wearers.


Tired of trying to fit your sunglasses over your glasses or having to remember your prescription sunglasses? Your worries are over, as we can offer a Photochromatic lens that automatically darkens when exposed to direct sunlight. There is no need for a second set of glasses in the summer and don’t worry, our lenses lighten once you return in doors creating the perfect combination.


Are you a keen winter sports enthusiast? Or do you have sensitivity to bright light? In either case, we can help! Our polarised lens is ideal for winter snow sports such as skiing as it both reduces the glare and reflection on very bright surfaces and makes images appear sharper and clearer. This is also a recommended option for those who have had cataract surgery as they carry a high level of UV protection to aid in the recovery of your eyes.

UV400 Protection

Don’t be fooled when buying sunglasses; it’s sensible for your health to invest in a pair that have been designed correctly. UV400 is the legal standard of UV protection – our UV400 lens filters out the UVA and UVB rays that are transmitted by the sun. It’s very important to protect your eyes now.If you have any questions about optical coatings, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.