Choosing The Right Lenses For Your Frames

choosing the right lenses for your frames

If you need help with choosing the right lenses for your frames here are descriptions of the different lens options.

Bifocal Lens

For those of us who are both near and short sighted, here at Glassesonspec we can offer a Bifocal lens to save you forever swapping between two or more sets of glasses! Our Bifocal lenses are specifically designed for those whose near-sight vision has declined through age.

Hi-Index (Thinner Lenses)

For those of us prescribed with a stronger prescription, thick lensed glasses are a thing of the past. Our Hi-Index lenses that are created to be thin, are designed with a hi-tech plastic lens that is specifically for strong prescriptions.

In production, less material is used to make the lenses thinner, lighter, more comfortable and far more aesthetically pleasing! All of our Hi-Index lenses come with our Anti-Reflective coating as standard.

+ or – 2.00 = 1.6 (Thin Light)
+ or – 4.00 = 1.67 (Extra Thin Light)
+ or – 6.00 = 1.74 (Ultra Thin Light)


This lens is specially designed to be more durable and impact resistant. Perfect for the active adult or adventurous child! These lenses also come with an inbuilt UV protection filter as standard. Invest in your glasses and protect them if you have a busy lifestyle. Polycarbonate lenses comes standard with Rimless frames.

If you have any questions about lens type, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.