Choosing the Right Glasses for Face Shape

Glasses for Face Shape

Whether you are shopping for your cheap glasses online or on the high street, the range of different styles available is overwhelming. So how do you choose the right specs for you?

Selecting the perfect prescription glasses takes some extensive consideration. There is not only your eye care to consider but also your personal fashion style, as well as selecting a style of glasses for your face shape. Covering all areas will mean you wear your glasses for longer. Even if you buy cheap glasses online, your specs are still a considerable investment.

The first step to selecting your new glasses is to determine your face shape, this face shape guide will help. Take a picture of yourself and draw around the outline of your face to see what shape appears. Which of these is it?


Hooray! This is the best shape for glasses, with balanced proportions almost all frames will suit you. Evenly proportioned with a rounded chin and forehead opt for a frame that is slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Don’t forget to try out some geometric styles too.


High cheekbones and a deep forehead define a rectangular face shape. Although small square frames should be avoided, a rectangular face shape can carry off a large square frame with a strong, bold top line. This style will balance out the shape of your face by making it appear slightly shorter.


Full cheeks, a rounded chin and a short wide forehead define the round face shape. This face shape needs a glasses design to make the face seem longer. You should consider angular, narrow frames or geometric styles. Oval or round shapes should be avoided.


A wide, square jawline and broad, deep forehead are the features that define the square face shape. Round frames or wide, narrow frames are perfect for this face shape as they will soften the jawline. Angular frames will highlight the angular facial features and so should be avoided.


This face shape has a wide forehead that tapers down to a narrow, pointed chin. You should opt for a frame that narrows the forehead and highlights the lower half of the face. This can be achieved with rimless glasses.


Diamond shaped faces usually feature dramatic cheekbones. It is a rare face shape that includes a narrow forehead and chin and wide cheekbones. The glasses for this face shape should focus on bringing attention to the eye area to re-balance the face. Dramatic outsized frames will look great as well as rimless styles.

Choosing your glasses for face shape is only the start of the process. There are many other things to consider like your complexion and hair colour. We will discuss this more in future posts. In the meantime if you have any questions about style ask away in the comments.

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