Improve Driving in the Dark

The Best Glasses for driving at night.

Driving at night can be a challenging task that requires heightened concentration, visual acuity and our pupils naturally expand to adjust to the low light conditions. As a result, when confronted with the intense brightness of headlights and street lighting, our eyes need to exert extra effort to contract the pupils. The reduced visibility, glare, and the play of shadows can make nighttime driving a daunting experience for so many people.

We all want to make our journeys safer and comfortable when driving, especially driving at night. Here we will explore the effects of driving at night on your vision and discuss the characteristics of the best glasses to enhance your safety and comfort during nighttime journeys.

Effects of Driving at Night:

  1. Reduced Visibility: The absence of natural light makes it difficult for our eyes to distinguish details and perceive depth accurately. Peripheral vision can also be affected, increasing the risk of missing important cues on the road.
  2. Glare and Halos: Oncoming headlights, streetlights, and other sources of artificial light can create glare and halos, causing discomfort and visual distraction. These are common problems with how your eye perceives light and these effects might also be a sign of other eye conditions, such as cataracts, it would be worth mentioning this to your optometrist.
  3. Strain and Fatigue: Nighttime driving often leads to increased eye strain and fatigue due to prolonged exposure to low-light conditions. This can impact your ability to stay alert and focused on the road.
  4. Headaches and squinting: Astigmatism is a common refractive error that occurs when the cornea or lens of the eye has an irregular shape, causing light to focus unevenly on the retina. This results in blurred or distorted vision, both up close and at a distance. The impact of astigmatism becomes particularly noticeable when driving at night. The condition can contribute to increased sensitivity to glare from headlights and other sources of artificial light.

Best Glasses for Driving at Night:

  1. Anti-Glare Coating: Opt for glasses with an anti-glare coating, also known as an anti-reflective coating. This coating helps minimise reflections and glare from headlights, improving overall visibility and reducing eye strain.
  2. Yellow-Tinted Lenses: Yellow-tinted glasses, often referred to as “night driving glasses” or “night vision glasses,” can enhance contrast and depth perception. They filter out the scattered blue light that contributes to glare, reduce glare and provide a clearer view of the road.
  3. Prescription Glasses: If you wear prescription glasses, consider getting a pair with your up-to-date prescription. Customised lenses can address specific vision issues and optimise your visual performance during nighttime driving.

ProVue Drive lenses.

Experience a new level of driving comfort with the innovative ProVue Drive lenses, specially crafted for enhanced performance on darker nights. Recognising the strain our eyes endure during extended hours behind the wheel, these lenses provide a substantial reduction in reflections and bothersome glare often associated with conventional glasses. The optional contrast-enhancing filter further elevates your driving experience, offering improved visibility in low-light conditions.

How ProVue Drive lenses can make a difference for you.

Greater Visual Comfort: Engineered with breathability in mind, ProVue Drive lenses ensure maximum comfort, catering to the needs of those who navigate through the darkness. Maintaining optimal eye condition is crucial, particularly during nighttime driving.

Enhanced Contrast: Opt for our optional contrast-enhancing filter to enjoy heightened clarity and colour perception. Given the increased risk of road traffic accidents on darker nights, a lens with higher contrast becomes essential for your safety, enabling improved visibility in challenging low-light conditions. Elevate your driving experience with ProVue Drive lenses and prioritise both comfort and safety on the road.

Clear, Relaxed Vision: Whether you’re focusing on the road ahead or swiftly shifting your gaze between different directions and distances, ProVue Drive lenses provide clear, relaxed vision. Even if you use varifocal lenses, the ease of focusing and refocusing is notably improved.

Driving at night demands extra attention to ensure safety on the road. Investing in the right pair of glasses with features like anti-glare coatings, yellow-tinted lenses, or polarisation can significantly improve your nighttime driving experience, and with ProVue driving lenses, you’re not only investing in safety but also advanced optical technology that adds value to every journey.

It’s essential to prioritise regular eye check-ups to maintain optimal vision and address any underlying issues that may affect your ability to drive safely, day or night. Remember, your vision is your most valuable tool on the road – take care of it for a safer and more comfortable driving experience, especially after the sun sets.