Makeup Tips for Women with Glasses

makeup tips for women with glasses

Wearing glasses can completely alter how your face looks, which is why your makeup application should be different to how you wear it without your glasses. Cheap glasses or designer glasses? It won’t matter if your makeup is on point. Follow our makeup tips for women with glasses to make sure that you always look sensational in your spectacles.

The Base

Don’t over apply your foundation, concealer and powder, it will only come off onto your glasses – not a good look. Less is most definitely more. Choose a foundation that matches your skin type, staying on the lighter side to give a fresh, natural look.

If you find foundation irritating simply go without or just use it under your eyes to even out your complexion ready for your bronzer or blusher.

The Eyes


Your makeup should define your face and give it structure so that it is not hidden behind your glasses. Visit a professional and get your eyebrows shaped and tinted to match your eye shape and glasses. Your eyebrows show your expression so make sure they are bold enough to be noticeable behind your frames.

Eyeshadow and Liner

This is where it becomes a little more difficult. Again, it is important to make your eyes noticeable from behind your glasses. A subtle look can be hard to see, so it is a bold look that is needed. Be careful, though, go too heavy on the eyeshadow and you are in danger of making your eyes look smaller.

Our advice is to keep makeup minimal under the eye and on the upper lid choose:

  • Bold eyeliner with subtle eyeshadow
  • Bold eyeshadow with subtle eyeliner

Consider your makeup colours carefully and make sure they compliment both your eye colour and the colour of your glass frames.

A top tip to brighten and widen your eyes is to use a nude eyeliner on our waterline. Give it a try.


Here’s the easy part. It is a must! Use black to make your eyes stand out from behind your lenses. If you have lovely long lashes that touch your lenses simply curl them before applying your mascara.

The Face


Add some colour to your face with a little blusher, it will make your cheekbones stand out too. Opt for a bronzer, a light pink or soft peach to give you a lovely natural look that will match any glasses.

Where colour comes in, it is advisable to compliment your glasses design. If you have bold, colourful frames keep your cheeks natural. If you have soft, neutral frames there is scope to go bolder with a fuchsia blush for example.


Forget nude lips, a nice strong, bold colour on the lips just has the knack of balancing out the face for glass wearers. Think bright reds, pinks, oranges and berry tones. A statement that will give you a look to fit any occasion from casual to vogue.

We hope that you found this Tips for Women with Glasses article useful. We did promise to talk about it in our previous post, so we do hope you did. If you have any questions we can help with or perhaps a topic that you would like us to cover, please pop it in a comment. Otherwise, have fun browsing our cheap glasses online.

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