Our new ProVue Drive lenses come with many benefits while driving, especially on darker nights. With most of us spending so much time behind the wheel, our eyes take on a lot of strain. ProVue Drive lenses offer a significant reduction in reflections and uncomfortable glare that a lot of glasses cause. With an optional contrast-enhancing filter, you will be able to see better in low light conditions.

How can they really help me?
• Greater Visual Comfort – Our breathable ProVue Drive lenses offer maximum comfort for all your needs. Designed with you in mind, we have created this lens for those of you who have to drive during the dark nights. Keeping your eyes in top condition is so important, especially when driving
• Clear, relaxed vision in all directions and distances – When driving, you spend most of your time looking forward, but your eyes need to be able to shift quickly between different directions and distance. When looking from the road to your mirrors, focusing and refocusing can prove to be difficult. With ProVue Drive, your eyes can focus much easier even if you have a varifocal lens.
• Enhanced Contrast – With our optional contrast-enhancing filter, you can benefit from improved clarity and colour perception. Darker nights bring more road traffic accidents, and for your safety a higher contrast lens is vital. Higher contrast allows you to be able to see better in low light conditions

You can grab a pair of ProVue Drive glasses for as little as £99 today! Browse the collection on our website today!

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