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About Us

Where are you based?
We are based in Watford in Hertfordshire in the UK.
Are you qualified Opticians?
Of our three directors, one is a qualified optometrist; one is a qualified dispensing optician and the other is a qualified ophthalmic optical technician and all our staff are optically trained and experienced. Using all this knowledge we are able to provide a professional, well advised service to our customers whilst still keeping our prices as cheap as possible. However, we do not do eyetests. If you require an eye test you should visit your local optician.


Our Products

How do you provide prescription glasses at such low cost?
Our glasses may seem cheap compared to the high street but this is not because our quality is poor. In fact quite the opposite. You will find exactly the same frames stocked in 1000's of opticians across the country. It is because we do not have the expensive overheads that high street opticians have in order to run their business. Expensive premises and customer facing staff all add to the cost of the product. All of the cost savings that we make are passed on to our customers.
Do you sell sunglasses?
Yes. We have a range of sunglass options including Polarised, Light Sensitive and Sunglass tints. All our Sunglasses have the tint and full UV protection included in the price. If you order a sunglass tint on any clear lens frame we strongly recommend a UV400 (Ultra Violet Ray Blocker) for an extra £19. This is recommended since with a standard tint alone there is no protection from the sun’s rays.
Are your lenses made of glass or plastic?
Our lenses are all made of plastic. We do not manufacture glass lenses. Plastic lenses have the benefit of being light weight and safer since they do not shatter on impact.
Do you sell brand names/designer labels?
Yes – and at a fraction of the high street prices.
Do you offer trial frames?
Yes - we are happy to organise a trial of any frame you would like to try on (terms and conditions apply).
Are your frames CE Marked?
All of our frames are CE Marked and quality checked by our frames suppliers.

About Prescriptions

I can't read my prescription. What do I do?
If you cannot read your prescription you should verify it with your optician. If you wish our customer services team to look at it you can email a scanned copy to If we cannot read or understand it you may need to ask your optician for a duplicate copy.
There is no 'Sphere' value on my prescription
If you have an Astigmatism (this means your eye is not a perfect sphere and is very common) but otherwise normal vision, there may be no value under the sphere column. Similarly you may only require spectacles for reading - in cases like this there may also be no sphere value.
I have no Cyl or Axis Value on my prescription
If you have a 'Cyl' value on either eye, you will always have an axis value. If you do not have this then please call your optician to verify your prescription or fax your prescription to us on 01923 710175 - 01923 710175 or email
There is no PD value on my prescription
This is very common and you have a number of options:
  • Go to your optician and ask him / her to measure your PD value for your prescription
  • Ask someone else (friend / family) to measure it for you, following these instructions
  • Accept the standard average for both male (63) and female (60) that we have indicated on our order form. These have been agreed with our dispensing opticians as being average numbers to choose, however you will receive more effective glasses if you measure this accurately for yourself.
What is my Pupillary Distance?
Your Pupillary Distance is the distance in millimetres from the centre of the pupil in your left eye to the centre of your pupil in your right eye. An average man is 63mm and ladies 60mm.
Why do you need a 'Pupillary Distance' measurement?
We need this measurement in order manufacture the lenses so that the centre of each lens sits exactly over the centre of your pupil. This allows for maximum effectiveness when wearing your prescription glasses.
How do I measure my Pupillary Distance?
See our detailed section on measuring your Pupillary Distance.
What about my Bifocal measurements?
Our bifocal lenses are manufactured with 'Dseg' (D28) bifocal lenses rather than round lenses. The bifocal lens sits 3mm below the optical centre of the base lens. It is assumed that you wear your glasses approximately 13 - 14mm from the eye.
Can you help me with the prescription details?
The prescription page of our website contains very clear information on how to enter prescription information. However if you do need help please call our customer services team on 08000 289 550 - 08000 289 550. If we are busy please leave a message and someone will return your call.
Where can I get a prescription?
You can get your prescription from your optician. If you have had an eye test within the last 2 years you need to go to the optician who carried out the test. Ask them for a copy of your prescription. Opticians are legally obliged to provide you with this. If you are going along for an eye test always ask to be provided with the prescription before you leave. Do not feel pressured to buy your glasses from the optician who conducted your eye test. Alternatively phone your optician and request a copy of it to be sent to you.
What if I enter my details incorrectly?
If you enter you details incorrectly then you need to call us immediately in order that we can change the prescription before we go to assembly, it is important that you do this since lenses in the manufacturing process cannot be refunded or changed.
Can I change my prescription details after I have ordered?
Once we begin manufacturing the lenses we cannot accept a change of prescription. If you realise that your prescription information was entered incorrectly, you need to call us immediately on 08000 289 550 - 08000 289 550. We will inform you if you have the possibility to make a change at that time.

Our Guarantee

What does your guarantee cover?
The guarantee covers any faults to the frame or lenses on receipt of goods or the lenses not having been manufactured to the prescription given to us at the time of order. It does not cover breakage caused by yourself and does not cover you not liking the style or the fit of the glasses once you have received them. When we ship your glasses we include a leaflet that explains how to best take care of your glasses.
What do I get refunded if I need to use the guarantee?
If you are returning the goods due to a mis-manufacture on our part or a breakage on receipt of goods we will either replace the goods free of charge or refund you in full. If you are returning the goods for aesthetic reasons we will consider refunding the frame cost only as explained in the previous question.
Can I renew the guarantee period?
The guarantee period is for 30 days only, from date of order. Unfortunately you cannot renew this guarantee on the same pair of glasses.
How long does your guarantee last?
Our guarantee is for 30 days from date of order.


Are my payment details kept secure?
All transactions are handled by SagePay in conjunction with LloydsTSB Cardnet. We do not record customer payment details beyond your transaction. Your payment card details are deleted once they have been used.
What do you do with my payment details once complete?
Your payment details are not kept or recorded by Glasses On Spec. We us a third party secure network (Sage Pay) for all internet based payment transactions in conjunction with LloydsTSB Cardnet.
Can I get my money back if there is a problem?
Our 30 day guarantee provides a facility that allows you to get a full refund or another pair of glasses if there is a problem with the glasses on receipt of the goods. However, if the problem is related to lack of care for frames/lenses on your part, your money will not be returned nor can we provide a new pair of glasses. If you would like a refund you need to return your glasses to us for inspection together with the case and lens cloth. Once we have inspected the goods we will notify you of your position.
Is the information I provide secure?
We are bound and abide with the Data Protection Act 1998. All information that you provide to us is kept protected and secure.
How can I pay?
You can pay by credit card, debit card or by switch card, online or over the phone. Regretfully we no longer accept cheques.
Can I buy glasses for someone else?
You may buy glasses for someone else as long as you have the correct prescription and that you are not purchasing spectacles for anyone under the age of 16 or anyone who is registered as being blind or partially sighted.


Do you charge a shipping cost?
Orders are sent out as standard 1st class Royal Mail for £5.95 post and packing. International delivery is £9.95. Special or Recorded Delivery can be arranged.
How long will it be before I receive my glasses?
Please allow between 7 and 10 days for delivery for standard glasses. If you're ordering sports glasses, please allow up to 28 days. If you need your glasses by a specific date (holidays etc), please contact us.
Where will my glasses be delivered to?
Your glasses will be delivered to the address specified on the original order placed by yourself, either online or on the order form that you faxed / posted to us.
What do I do if there is a problem with the glasses when I get them?
When you receive the goods you should inspect them first before wearing them. If there is a problem with the frame or the lenses please contact us immediately on 08000 289 550 - 08000 289 550. Please do not wear the glasses again until you have spoken with us.
Do I need to be at home to sign for my glasses?
We deliver our glasses via Royal Mail 1st Class post. The Jiffy packs that we ship within are small enough to fit through a standard letter box; therefore you do not need to wait at home for delivery - unless the Special delivery or recorded is required.