Your eyes over 40

Your Eyes Over 40

It is natural for eyes to deteriorate to some extent in our 40’s. One of the first things we notice is the inability to focus well on objects close by. If you do not wear glasses you may need your first pair for reading, or simply update the existing prescription if you already wear glasses with our glasses reglaze service.

Many people who are short-sighted will not notice focusing problems if they remove their glasses. However, it is not always practical to constantly remove your glasses.

An easy solution to this is progressive powered lenses. More commonly known as varifocals they are designed to help you focus at all distances. Our experienced team at are more than happy to help with any queries and will discuss the best options for you. Whilst we do not offer varifocals online due to the measurements needed we do offer the through our outlet store. We offer all brands or varifocals at varying prices. Most up to 50% cheaper than you will pay at high street opticians.

Your Eyes Over 60

Regular health checks are essential as we get older. When you are over 60 you are entitled to a free NHS eye test every two years, changing to an annual test when you are over 70.
It is important that you have a regular eye test enabling opticians to assess your health, identifying conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes and other age related conditions. If a change in prescription is found, our team of experienced staff can help decide what is most suitable for you. Whether you choose our reglaze glasses service to keep your current frame and just update the lenses or buy a new frame. We have a wide selection of cheap glasses at

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