10 Frame Styles Explained

glasses frame styles

With so many different glasses shapes and styles available, choosing the right style for your face can be difficult.

We’ve listed 10 of the most popular styles to help you decide!

Frame Styles


Probably one of the most iconic & recognisable styles, the Wayfarer has been around since the 50’s, with Jack Nicholson and Buddy Holly among the most notable celebrities to wear it. Developed by Ray-Ban, the Wayfarer is known for it’s geeky, retro look!


Immortalised by Tom Cruise in the 80’s blockbuster Top Gun, the aviator is another style developed by Ray-Ban for WW2 fighter pilots. Later sold as sunglasses, the aviator can also accommodate clear prescription lenses.

Cats Eye

Marilyn Monroe & of course, Dame Edna Everage are most recognised for wearing the cats eye frame. With exaggerated outer edges, the cats eye was very widely seen in from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s, and has reccently seen a resurgence in popularity!


Extremely popular since the millennium, the rectangular frame has become the staple in the office and in particular the media industry. Generally available in thinner lightweight metal and thicker plastic frames.


A frame with a feminine look that exudes maturity, the oval frame generally features a smaller eye size hence will suit a smaller face.


Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey) & James Arthur have made the square frame well known. The square frame carries very masculine lines and an accented brow and is suited to a fuller shape face.

Carducci CD7111 Bronze


John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne and of course Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) have made the round eye frame a classic that never goes out of fashion. It offers retro geek chic appeal.


The panto frame is a flamboyant looking style made famous by Christopher Biggins and Timmy Mallet. Featuring an acetate frame with keyhole bridge, the panto combines vintage fashion with contemporary style and has seen a recent boost in popularity.

Solo 589 Purple
Brooklyn D79 Demi


Another style developed by Ray-Ban, the clubmaster is a unisex style featuring a heavy acetate brow trim with thin metal rims along the lower half of the lenses. This trendy look is popular among hipsters!


Also known as bug eyes, the butterfly style is an oversized frame named because it represents the shape of open butterfly wings. The shape and size tends to vary depending on the brand, and is mostly applied to sunglasses.

William Morris WMP590S