Local School Supports Ugandan Eye Care Project

Glassesonspec Uganda Glasses

Little Chalfont Primary School kindly invited Glasses On Spec to talk to them about glasses design, the glasses we have supplied to celebrities and a project that we are involved in to supply glasses to needy Ugandan children.

They learnt a little of what it is like to be at school in rural Uganda.

There are often 100 children in a class and they learn from a blackboard.

Children that can’t see the board properly will fall behind in their studies. Many having to repeat a year or leave school with a damaged chance of getting a job and escaping poverty.


The Humanity Direct and Glasses On Spec team have already visited some of the most remote schools and tested the sight of over 3,000 children. Those needing glasses have their prescriptions e-mailed to Glasses On Spec where the glasses are made up in our lab.

The finished glasses are taken to Uganda and given to the children by Humanity Direct volunteers.

Glassesonspec Little Chalfont Primary School

Back at Little Chalfont School and later that week the children had the opportunity to design a pair of glasses and have a non uniform day.

As you can see the children are gifted designers!

The money raised will pay for 51 pairs of glasses. We would like to, on behalf of the Ugandan youngsters that will benefit, thank all teachers and children involved especially the technology teacher that masterminded the whole event.