The Benefits of ProVue Drive Lenses

A large percentage of the population in the UK are licensed drivers. A recent survey found that in March 2019, there were 40,764,273 Full Driving Entitlement Licences registered with the DVLA. As a driver, you are legally required to make sure your eyesight is up to standard for driving. If you require glasses, it is the law to wear them every time you are behind the wheel. It is estimated that road crashes involving a driver with poor vision cause up 2900 casualties a year.

Driving whilst wearing glasses can also present challenges which may cause accidents. The effects of glare or reflections from other cars can cause significant vision reduction, particularly at night. Your eyes are also at risk of straining whilst driving. Most of the time you will need to be looking straight ahead, which requires clear visual fields. However, your eyes will also have to shift quickly between different viewing distances, focusing on the navigation device and viewing the dashboard and mirrors. Having to focus and refocus your eyes can be challenging, particularly for older drivers or drivers with more than one eye prescription.

This is where ProVue Drive Lenses can help. Specifically designed to aid drivers during all lighting and driving conditions. Available in a single vision and varifocal design. Both designs offer an enhanced vision in the far distance, of the dashboard and in mirrors.

The key benefits of ProVue Drive Lenses include;

  • Greater Visual Comfort – Our ProVue Drive lenses help your eyes with focusing and refocusing which can reduce eye strain, risk of dry eye and eye fatigue.
  • Clear, Relaxed Vision in all Directions and at all Distances – Enjoy clear vision during day and night, without risk of blurry eyesight.
  • Enhanced Contrast, Improving Clarity and Colour Perception – Our lenses will improve the clarity and colour perception of your vision which will help with depth perception and night-time driving. We also offer an optional contrast-enhancing filter for improved visual contrast.
  • Reduction in Glare and Reflections – With a specially designed glare filter you won’t have to feel the effects of glare and reflection from car headlights during low light conditions.

If you’d like to enjoy the enhanced vision and safer night-time driving, grab yourself a pair of ProVue Drive glasses today! For a limited time only you can get them for as little as £99! Browse the collection here!